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First Home Owners Grant

Finding the deposit for your fist home is challenging. You may be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant, a range of exemptions or concessions. We are here to help find all the grants that you will be entitled to…

Stamp Duty: Concession on New Homes

There is a temporary Stamp Duty Concession and exemption for the purchases of residential property, with a value of up to $1 million, located within the City of Melbourne local government area…

Buyer Beware: Cooling Off Periods

Caveat Emptor or buyer beware are often used expressions. But do you really know what this means? This includes:

1. Measuring the position of and the size of the land…

Client Confidentiality

Person holding confidential folder

Why are client meetings confidential?

Whenever someone communicates with their lawyer, whether it is by phone, email, letter, or meeting in person, all communication is protected by “client legal privilege”. This means that the lawyer and client are not allowed to share any of this communication.

Privilege applies to all lawyer-client……. 

Abolition of Duty on Commercial and Industrial Properties

Man looking with magnifying glass on blocks saying stamp duty

The Victorian Government has announced an Abolition of Duty On Purchase of Commercial and Industrial Property from 1 July 2024.

There will no longer be duty payable when you buy commercial or industrial property in Victoria, instead, you will still have to pay land tax and an annual property tax set at 1% of the property’s unimproved land value. 

Resettlement of Trust Deed

Trusts are legal arrangements or relationships where a person or company (the trustee) holds property and the legal title to that property for the benefit of someone else (the beneficiary or unit holder)

The trust deed outlines how the assets are to be held and how profits are to be distributed to the beneficiaries.