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First Home Owners Grants

First Home Owners Grants

Finding the deposit for your fist home is challenging. You may be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant, a range of exemptions or concessions. We are here to help find all the grants that you will be entitled to.

One of the measures announced in the Government’s 2021-22 Budget and legislated in February 2022, if you are eligible, you may be able to release up to $50,000 of contributions from your super towards buying a home.

​We have developed an easy to read guide to help you better understand the differences and distinguish what you might be eligible for. (Note: This guide does not include the current 2022 legislative change announcements regarding the use of Super).


STAMP DUTY Concessions on new homes

….within the City of Melbourne.

There is a temporary Stamp duty concession and exemption for the purchases of residential property, with a value of up to $1 million, located within the City of Melbourne local government area:​

Photo by Simona Sergi on Unsplash

Buyer beware – Cooling off periods

Buyer beware – Cooling off periods

Before buying, as a minimum, the following should be thoroughly checked. This includes:
1. Measuring the position of and the size of the land,
2. Checking the building for structure and for pests,
3. Checking your own finances – finance to purchase and finance to renovate,
4. Having the legal documents read to you.

You may want to also check other things such as……