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Conveyancing Services

Most property transfers are simple and straightforward, but for those that are not, you have peace of mind that the Conveyancer dealing with your transfer has the legal knowledge to foresee and avoid any potential issues.

Property Transfers

The process of transferring a property as a gift to another family member, or whatever the reason may be, ​we will work through this simple process to ensure the transfer ​costs are kept to a minimum. We will review Stamp Duty Exemptions and ensure that all avenues are looked at to avoid Stamp Duty.

In most circumstances, a Section 32 is not necessary.

Divorce Property Settlements

Part of the divorce process is the division of Property and any other financial dealing you may have had together. It is important to each have your own lawyer to manage the negotiations. All assets and debts will be looked at and a decision made. These will include the family home, cars, loans and in some circumstances, superannuation.

Once this process is over, we will assist you to transfer property as required, make necessary changes to your Will, your Superannuation Benefits and we will assess if there are any other areas requiring change which may have been overlooked during the proceedings.


Large or small, we can guide you with all the legal and Council requirements to commence your project. We can advise you on all property development conveyancing needs including acquisitions, planning, subdivisions, construction contracts, easements and adverse possessions to name a few.

Once the project is completed and you need to sell the blocks of land or houses, we will prepare your contracts and ensure a smooth sale occurs.

First Home Owners

Applying for the First home Owners Grant can be confusing. We are able to help you through the process and if required, we can refer you to our financial broker who will be able to find the best loan that suits your circumstances.

We have developed a first home owners checklist to assist you to identify if you are eligible. Note that the recent changes introduced as part of the 2022 Budget with regards to using your Super to assist with the deposit have not been included in the attached.

Estate Planning

Getting your family matters sorted is an important part of life to ensure there will be someone there to look after you when your are no longer capable of looking after yourself. Preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney is an important step to consider, especially once you have commenced your asset portfolio. 

AL Conveyancing is a Subsidiary of Antippa Lawyers.