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Transfer of Property

We can assist you with the transfer of your property to another person/s for any reason. Whether the transfer of property is done through gifting for family member or selling to an acquaintance we have you covered. A Conveyancer should be able to help you with the following:

  • Provide all essential information regarding the transfer of the property
  • Manage the all-legal processes involved
  • Give you correct legal advice


We will take care of the entire process and ensure that the transfer costs are kept at a minimum by reviewing Stamp Duty Exemptions that you may be eligible for. 

In most circumstances, a Section 32 is not necessary. 

In cases of divorce, please refer to Divorce Property Settlements

Stamp Duty is a tax that state or territory governments apply when you make certain purchases or transactions such as selling a house, transferring a property, buying investment property and more. Note that Stamp duty is applicable for transfers made between parents, children and siblings, however it is not applicable between spouses.

There are still several other factors you have to take into consideration before going through with this process:

  1. Finding the market value of your property
  2. Prepare the Deed of Gift
  3. Prepare all necessary documentation
  4. Consider the different taxes and fees