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Residential Purchase and Sale

The daunting process of Conveyancing is made easy with AL Conveyancing. We can assist in all areas including:

  • Sale and Purchase of property, incl. retirement village, land or off the plans
  • Building Contracts
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Residential Tenancy Agreements
  • Loan and Mortgage Contracts 


We will apply for all the titles searches, rates certificates and owners corporation certificates if required. We will prepare the documents for settlement and liaise with your bank or broker to ensure that everything is ready before settlement day.

Do you need to have your Sale and Purchase go through simultaneously. We can manage this process to ensure that you will not require bridging finance. If you are purchasing, we will assess the Stamp Duty to determine if there are any exemptions we can apply for.

Contact us today to get your Section 32 ready for the sale of your property or have a section 32 reviewed prior to a purchase.