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Sub-dividing your property can be a great investment that can help maximise your income through different means. Divided land can have multiple units built on it that can be sold at higher profits or act as rental properties that will enable you to have a multiple income streams. Whether large or small, we can help you get started with the sub-division of your property.

In Victoria, the subdivision of properties can be a lengthy and complex process. We will guide you through all the legal and council requirements and advise you on all property development conveyancing needs including acquisitions, planning, subdivisions, construction contracts, easements, adverse possessions and all other arising issues.

We have both conveyancing and legal qualifications that allows us to guide you comprehensively in all areas regarding your property subdivision at a low price. We will advise you to how best approach the subdivision on multiple different levels and will help you consider criteria such as the following:

Once the project is completed and you need to sell the blocks of land or houses, we will prepare your contracts and ensure a smooth sale occurs.

Once the lodgement has been submitted and  processed, the previous land title will no longer exist and will be replaced with new titles for each of the new units. Thus, each unit will be considered as its own property that is separate from the other ones.

The number of units you can create through the subdivision can vary depending on different factors. For example, the zoning that is allocated by the council and the size of the land can impact the number of units you can create. Other implications can also include infrastructure issues or wanting to retain a pre-existing block within the land and having to built other units around it.